4 Issues That Can Hinder Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

4 Issues That Can Hinder Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

Most people want legal proceedings wrapped up as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, issues can arise that will delay the conclusion of your case.

Some roadblocks are unavoidable, and it will help to prepare yourself for those potential issues. Other problems may be within your control to navigate. 

As personal injury lawyers in East Texas, it’s our job to help clear a path for our clients to achieve their desired outcome. 

Here are a few ways your case can be delayed:

1. Requests For Further Information

Unfortunately the insurance company of the defendant may be motivated to drag out your case until a financial burden makes you accept a settlement. 

They are hoping that if they continue to request information and extend the case, mounting medical bills will pressure you to agree to a lesser settlement than you deserve. 

2. Failing to Disclose Prior Claims, Injuries, or Legal Problems

The American Bar Association says lawyers “shall not knowingly make a false statement of material fact.” 

That means lawyers can’t lie to their clients, but unfortunately, clients have been known to lie to or withhold information from their lawyers.

By failing to give your attorney all the information needed to properly defend you, your case is lost before it starts. 

If there is anything in your past that could possibly be an issue, disclose it to your lawyer as soon as possible.

3. A Motion to Dismiss

Another common tactic by insurance companies is to file a motion to dismiss the case before it’s even started. 

When this paperwork is filed, your legal team must prove to the judge why your case is legitimate and persuade them to deny the motion.

4. Settlements

While avoiding a trial sounds like the ideal route, many times a settlement is less than what the injured party deserves. 

In some cases, a settlement may be fair considering the claim. In other instances, you may need money quickly and a settlement is the best option.

It’s essential to hire an experienced defense who can advise you on when a settlement is fair and when it is not.

Discuss every possible choice with your representation to determine the best course of action.

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