Wrongful Death

Although nothing can prepare you for the untimely and unexpected loss of a loved one, an experienced Longview/Tyler attorney can help you and your family prepare for the future by pursuing a full financial recovery against the responsible party.

Personal injury attorneys Darren Grant and Matthew Flanery have more than 25 combined years of experience offering compassion and skilled advocacy for families with wrongful death claims. We apply our years of experience and legal resources to focus on conducting a thorough investigation into the cause of the fatal accident. Our legal team seeks to uncover all possible sources of recovery for families with wrongful death claims.

At Grant & Flanery, we are committed to helping families obtain justice while holding negligent parties accountable for their actions. The Longview and Tyler personal injury attorneys at Grant & Flanery prepare all of their wrongful death claims for a favorable trial verdict. Insurance companies are often prompted to make large settlement offers knowing we are fully prepared to prove responsibility if trial is necessary.

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Grant & Flanery offers strong advocacy and legal counsel to families with wrongful death claims involving:

Pursuing All Possible Sources of Financial Recovery

At Grant & Flanery, we will advocate for your family to recover maximum compensation through a settlement or trial verdict. We will investigate all possible sources of financial recovery, and will assist with the probate of wills and estate handling matters. In Texas, there are causes of action for the death of a loved one for both the surviving family members and for the deceased’s estate.

Recoverable damages include:

If the facts and circumstances warrant, survivors may seek exemplary or punitive damages to punish gross negligence and prevent the same bad actors from hurting others.

What Does “Wrongful Death” Mean?

As difficult as it is, death is a part of life. If people could claim that every death deserved financial compensation, the courts would be packed with lawsuits, most of them frivolous. What separates wrongful death claims is that something--either a person or an entity--is responsible for causing a death that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.

One of the most common wrongful deaths is due to negligence. For instance, if a doctor commits malpractice and someone is injured or dies because of it, it may constitute wrongful death. There are a lot of wrongful death claims but most of them involve negligence, a criminal act, incompetence, and carelessness.

What Is A Wrongful Death Claim?

It’s easier to understand what a wrongful death isn’t. It is not a criminal trial, and while the judge may punish the defendant by making them pay damages, they won’t be put in jail. Wrongful death claims are civil suits where the plaintiff is seeking financial compensation for death or injury.

Wrongful death suits do sometimes proceed alongside criminal pursuits, especially if the injury was the result of negligence or during the commission of a crime.

What Happens When I File A Wrongful Death Claim?

To file a wrongful death claim you need to enlist a wrongful death lawyer, preferably one certified in personal injury trial law. They’ll investigate and determine whether or not the person at fault is liable to pay damages.

Depending on the situation, the defendant’s insurance company--in the case of a car accident, for instance--may also get involved. Typically, the defendant’s lawyer will offer a lowball settlement amount. This is where your wrongful death attorney will negotiate to get you the compensation you deserve.

Who Can File A Wrongful Death Claim?

Each state treats wrongful death lawsuits differently. Some states allow, for instance, the victim’s extended family to file. In Texas, there are only two groups of people who can file for a wrongful death suit: spouses of the deceased and children of the deceased.

Children who file can be older than 18 years old when they choose to do so.

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