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A serious injury is life-changing, and while recovery is possible you should expect your life to look different from the way it was before your accident. Depending on your accident, that can mean different things.

As board-certified personal injury lawyers, The law offices of Darren Grant & Matt Flanery have helped hundreds of victims get compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more after a catastrophic injury.

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Any lawyer can and will take a personal injury case, but Darren Grant & Matt Flanery are board-certified personal injury lawyers that are dedicated to helping East Texas families file catastrophic injury claims.

Our certification, combined with our extensive trial experience, position us to provide insightful legal counsel for victims who have been seriously injured.

If you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury, you need a serious injury lawyer with experience–you need Darren Grant & Matt Flanery.

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What Constitutes A Catastrophic Injury?

Severe Brain Trauma

Whether from single or repeated injuries to the brain can cause lifelong difficulties, an inability to work, and worse.

It’s difficult to calculate the cost of a brain injury because so much of that cost has yet to be accrued. Personal injury lawyers will hire medical experts to help calculate that future cost in real terms–so you can get compensated for it.


Amputations are clearly problematic, especially for those who work with their hands or on their feet. Even an amputated finger can make it difficult to work and do the things you enjoy.

An amputation injury lawyer can help you pay for medical treatment and get compensated for lost wages and other expenses you have now–and in the future.

Spinal Cord Injuries & Paralysis

Paralysis doesn’t end your enjoyment of life, but it can make it challenging. You may not be able to return to the job you had. You may also require regular medical care.

A catastrophic injury attorney can help you get the compensation you need–for future lost wages, ongoing medical expenses, and more.

Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one can devastate families, and the loss of income after a father or mother dies can make the grieving process even more difficult.

A wrongful death lawyer can help you get compensation for the death of a loved one. It may not replace them, but getting justice can help ease grief.

Catastrophic Accident Attorneys Experienced With

Cases Involving Paralysis

Of all catastrophic injuries, full and partial paralysis is the most costly in terms of time, pain & suffering, and medical expenses. If you or a family member were paralyzed as the result of someone else’s negligence, we can help.

As board-certified personal injury attorneys, we’ve helped dozens of clients who were fully or partially paralyzed because of someone. As your lawyer we will fight to ensure that you are taken care of and compensated for your loss.

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Cases Involving Major Burns

Recovering from catastrophic burns can require multiple surgeries and an extended recovery time where you are unable to work. If you were burned because of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your treatment and lost wages.

The law offices of Darren Grant & Matt Flanery are here to help you on the road to full recovery. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to learn how.

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Cases Involving Amputation

A full or partial limb amputation can make working and living difficult. Even a finger amputation can make fine, detailed work impossible. If you’ve lost a digit or a limb, the personal injury lawyers at Grant & Flanery can help.

If you lost a limb because of someone else’s negligence, you should file a claim for compensation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn how.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee. This means that you pay no out-of-pocket costs for their services.

Instead, their fee comes out of the final settlement. If they don’t win, they don’t make any money on the case, making them more likely to work hard to win.

How Can A Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

Your personal injury attorney will negotiate with insurance companies, develop a case, interview witnesses, and fight for you in court, should there be a trial.

When you hire a personal injury lawyer, you can focus on your recovery and let them handle everything else.

How Long Will The Case Take?

It’s difficult to put a timeframe on a catastrophic injury case. Your lawyer will want you to have undergone every necessary medical procedure before the case concludes, however.

This will give the most accurate picture of how much you should be compensated, and will help medical experts determine how much potential income you may lose in the future.

Will The Case Go To Trial?

Your lawyer may recommend that you take the case to trial. Ultimately, it is your choice whether to accept a settlement or go to trial. While it is best to follow your lawyer’s advice, sometimes a trial may be too much.

A Consultation Costs You Nothing

A consultation with Grant & Flanery costs nothing, but you stand to gain your life back. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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