Hurt at Work? We’ll Help You Get Back on Your Feet

No matter your job, injuries are always a possibility. Every time you clock in there’s a risk of injury.

When you’re injured in your personal life, that’s difficult to deal with. When you’re injured at work, that adds another level of stress and complexity.

Your employer may be pushing you to return to work before you’re ready. You may feel the need to head back to work before you’re ready so you can pay your bills.

If either of those is happening to you, you have options.

If the injury was not your fault, you may be able to file on your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. If your employer doesn’t have that, you can file a personal injury claim instead.

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Board-Certified Work Accident Lawyer in Canton, TX

Darren Grant and Matt Flanery are both board-certified personal injury lawyers. Our office is dedicated to helping East Texans recover their rightful compensation for workplace injuries.

Grant and Flanery leverage years of experience to ensure that our clients get the best possible representation and support throughout the process-from initial injury to settlement.

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Common Workplace Accidents

Vehicle Accidents

Auto accidents are the main workplace accident claim. Vehicular collisions can be devastating to victims, and Grant and Flanery can help. Contact us to learn how to file a claim.

Construction Accidents

Working in the trades can be a dangerous profession. Since construction accidents tend to involve multiple parties, this complicates filing a claim, but we can help.

Oilfield Accidents

While most oil companies look out for their employees, some neglect safety. If you’ve been injured in the oilfield, Grant and Flanery can help you with your claim.

Industrial Equipment Accidents

These accidents are often catastrophic and tend to endanger the victim’s future livelihood. Contact us today, and we’ll work to ensure your compensation.

Premise Liability Accidents

If your workplace is simply unsafe, you’re more likely to be injured on the job. If your employer was neglectful, contact Grant and Flanery for representation.

And More

No matter how you were injured, Grant and Flannery is here to help. We understand that this is an uncertain time for you, and we’re here to offer all the support you need.

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Should I File a Personal Injury Claim or a Worker’s Comp Claim?

The legal system is already complex–even more so if you’ve just been injured on the job.

How do you choose between filing worker’s comp or a personal injury claim?

If your employer carries worker’s compensation, it may be the best choice for you. Worker’s comp will cover your medical costs and help you get back to work at a reasonable pace–all without straining your workplace relationships.

However, Texas does not require employers to carry worker’s comp. That means, many employees don’t carry it voluntarily.

For many workers, that means only personal injury claims are feasible. Maybe your employer will pay for your medical bills. While we hope that’s the case, you can’t count on that.

Filing a personal injury claim against our employer isn’t easy. That’s why Grant and Flanery is here to help.

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What Compensation Can You Expect After Filing a Personal Injury Claim?

Medical Bills

Medical bills are probably piling up for you right now. Your personal injury claim can help pay for your medical bills so you don’t have to suffer the consequences of someone else’s mistake.

Pain and Suffering

In cases of extreme employer negligence, you may be able to get punitive damages that compensate you for your pain and suffering–both physical and emotional.

Permanent Injury or Disability

If your injury will continue to affect you for the rest of your life, you deserve compensation to match your suffering and loss.

Lost Wages

You aren’t just hurt physically–injuries put you under financial strain as well. You can seek damages to recover lost wages.

And More

Grant and Flanery is here to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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