Each Year There Are Nearly 60 Thousand Bus Accidents

A crash involving a large passenger bus is complicated. Several individuals and entities are potentially liable for the accident, including the bus driver and the other vehicles.

Municipal and school buses are also protected from some civil suits, making these cases difficult to pursue for the average person.

But if you were injured in a bus crash, you deserve compensation.

Darren Grant & Matt Flanery are board-certified personal injury lawyers who can help you get compensation for your bus crash.

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Board-Certified Personal Injury Attorneys

Any lawyer can take a personal injury case. It takes a specialist to win one.

The attorneys at Grant & Flanery are board-certified in personal injury trial law. They’ve committed their careers to providing East Texans with effective legal counsel in the face of a daunting, painful situation.

We pair our unmatched legal expertise with dedicated support staff who aim to make your experience at our firm easy.

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Liability in Transit Accidents

Personal injury claims require that you identify and file against the person or agency responsible for injuring you.

Determining liability makes filing a claim for a transit accident difficult. A lot of people could potentially be responsible for the accident.

The responsible party may be the other driver or the bus driver. But it could also be the agency responsible for the bus itself.

This makes determining liability in transit accidents difficult.

A bus crash lawyer will be able to determine who is at fault and pursue maximum compensation from them.

If you’re considering a personal injury lawsuit against a person or an agency, you need to enlist an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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Filing a Personal Injury Claim Against a Government Agency

If you were in a bus accident, it’s possible that a public agency is responsible. This will require you to file a claim against them.

The Texas Tort Claims Act requires anyone filing a personal injury claim against a local or state agency to announce their intent within a specific time frame.

Most personal injury claims are also capped at $300 thousand per incident and $100 thousand per person involved.

This law is designed to protect the government from frivolous claims, but it makes getting compensated for your injuries more difficult.

It’s essential that you find an experienced, qualified personal injury lawyer to represent you.

Grant & Flanery’s team of experienced attorneys and dedicated support staff can help. We’re committed to helping you–no matter how difficult your situation.

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Our Team Can Help You Get Through a Difficult Situation

When you’re facing a government entity, your situation can feel insurmountable.

You’re likely injured, unable to work, and facing medical bills without a way to pay them.

Grant & Flanery are committed to helping you through this situation. We’ll handle your case, but we’ll also help you see a doctor and get the medical care you need–without weighing you down with bills.

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You Can Win Compensation For…

Medical Bills

Medical debt is responsible for the vast majority of bankruptcies in the United States. After an accident, they can pile up fast–and may continue to pile up for the rest of your life. We’ll fight to ensure all of your injuries are covered.

Lost Wages

Long-term injury can prevent you from working–sometimes permanently. This kind of financial difficulty can make anyone’s life difficult. Grant & Flanery will fight to get you compensated for lost wages now and in the future.

Permanent Injury

A permanent injury can alter the course of your life. It may require lifelong care or prevent you from working in your career–or at all. We’ll fight to ensure that you’re compensated for these losses so your future is secure.

Pain & Suffering

The emotional damage an accident and an injury can cause can’t be underestimated. Grant & Flanery’s team of attorneys will fight to get you compensated for the trauma and mental anguish your accident caused you.

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