You Don’t Have to Suffer from a Life-Altering Injury Alone

Most injuries you’ll sustain in an accident are minor–bumps, bruises, and maybe a broken bone or two.

While inconvenient, those injuries won’t alter the course of your entire life.

A catastrophic injury will.

You may find yourself facing a lifetime of medical bills, mental and emotional anguish, and the inability to work or enjoy your life.

Grant & Flanery can help. As an experienced personal injury law firm in the Longview, TX, area, we have the skills and expertise to help you navigate your catastrophic injury and get the compensation you need.

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What Exactly Is a Catastrophic Injury?

There isn’t a singular, legal definition of a catastrophic injury. While accidents can result in injuries–some that even involve long recoveries–you may not every fully recover from a catastrophic injury.

Catastrophic injuries are often permanent. They may require life-long medical treatment or otherwise fundamentally alter a person’s life.

They can include:

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Accidents that Commonly Result in Catastrophic Injuries

Car Accidents

Car accidents are far more common than people realize. They’re also far more dangerous than most people understand. Catastrophic injuries in a car accident are alarmingly common, especially spinal injuries, disfigurement, and traumatic brain injuries.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Commercial vehicles are an important part of infrastructure throughout the entire nation, but when a passenger vehicle and a commercial vehicle collide, there’s a good chance drivers will suffer life-changing catastrophic injuries.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Slips and falls, whether they occur on private or public property, can permanently injure people. Catastrophic injuries from falls are far more common than people realize, and falling the wrong way can lead to permanent disability or traumatic brain injuries that can affect you for life.

Workplace Accidents

East Texas industry is vital to our economy, but unfortunately, the heavy manufacturing, construction, and the oil & gas industries never have a perfect safety record. Injuries sustained on these worksites can devastate your physical and mental well-being–often permanently.

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How a Personal Injury Attorney Help You Recover from a Serious Injury

Most people who are considering a personal injury lawsuit know that an attorney will help get them compensation for their medical bills or lost wages.

With a catastrophic injury, though, you’ll likely suffer long after your case is finished.

A personal injury lawyer will hire doctors and other experts to determine how much your injury will affect your life.

They’ll fight for compensation for your injuries now, and they’ll fight for your financial security in the future.

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Your Compensation Can Help You Cover…

Medical Bills

If you were seriously injured, your medical bills are likely stacking up. Medical bankruptcy is becoming more and more common in the US. We’ll make sure you don’t need to file.

Lost Wages

You likely missed work while recovering from your injuries. You’re strapped for cash right now, but you may also be unable to work in the future. We’ll help secure your finances.

Disability & Disfigurement

Some serious injuries remain with you your entire life. If you were disabled or disfigured in your accident, Grant & Flanery will help you secure compensation for those injuries.

Pain & Suffering

Not all pain is physical. Serious injuries can lead to trauma, mental anguish, and emotional turmoil. We’ll ensure you have the resources to recover from them.

And More

A serious injury can lower your enjoyment of life, ability to make a living, and more. We work with experts to ensure these considerations are factored into your compensation.

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Severe Injury Cases We Handle

Brain Injuries

With a traumatic brain injury, you can expect difficulty focusing, chronic headaches, loss of language and more. It may become difficult for you to hold a job. When Grant & Flanery take your case, we’ll account for all of these considerations.

Spinal Injuries

Partial or full paralysis can lead to a lifetime of medical bills, but even a less severe spinal chord injury can affect the rest of your life. Our personal injury attorneys will determine how much it will affect you and get you compensation for your injury.


If your accident resulted in the loss of a limb, you can expect that to affect you for the rest of your life. Even though prosthetics are more advanced than ever before, you can still expect expenses and difficulties throughout your life.

Neck & Whiplash Injuries

Your neck is very vulnerable to injury, and even moderate injuries can dramatically alter the course of your life, your ability to work, and your comfort. Grant & Flanery are committed to helping you get the compensation you deserve.

Compound Fractures

If you suffered a shattered bone or compound fracture, your recovery could be prolonged and expensive. We’ll ensure that you have the financial support to make a full recovery from your injuries.

And More

The team at Grant & Flanery is committed to helping vulnerable people who suffered a severe injury because of an accident they didn’t cause. Schedule your consultation today to discuss how we can help you.

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