Each Year There Are Over 200 18-Wheeler Accidents In Gregg County

Commercial truckers form a vital part of the American economy, but the drivers behind those vehicles are only human. Even the best drivers get into accidents.

The size and speed of commercial vehicles make these accidents as bad as they are. A passenger car doesn’t have much of a chance against 40 tons of steel. The very best resolution of a crash like this is a totaled vehicle.

Often, it’s much worse.

Severe injuries and death are common. These injuries can take years to recover from. Your life will be changed forever.

If you’ve been in a truck accident, an attorney will be able to help you get compensation for your car, your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.

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Any lawyer can accept a personal injury case, but Darren Grant & Matt Flanery are board-certified in personal injury law.

They’re specialists who have helped hundreds of East Texans in their career. They’re dedicated to ensuring that their clients have the resources they need to fully recover.

If you were involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, you’re probably looking at car repairs, medical expenses, missed work, and your day-to-day bills.

Grant & Flanery can help. They’ll investigate your case, negotiate with insurance companies, and fight to get you the compensation you need to recover.

Over 62% of bankruptcies are caused by medical emergencies. We won’t let that happen to you.

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What Happens When I Hire An 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney


At your initial consultation, one of our truck wreck lawyers will listen to you describe your accident. They’ll use this information to determine how best to proceed.

Building The Case

While you’re recovering, your tractor trailer accident lawyer works on your case. They’ll gather evidence, investigate the site of the crash, and get everything they need for the insurance company.


Your personal injury lawyer will initiate negotiations with the insurance and trucking companies. They will present your medical bills and the evidence they gathered to convince them to pay what they owe.


In some cases, your truck accident attorney will be able to negotiate a settlement out of court. The insurance company will pay an agreed-upon amount that you can use to cover medical expenses and recover.


Personal injury cases that go to trial are less common. If your lawyer recommends you take your case to trial, you can expect to go before a judge and jury, who will determine your final award.

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About 18-Wheeler & Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Accidents involving a commercial truck are distressingly common. Each year, over 4 thousand people die in a vehicle involving a commercial accident.

That number has risen 31% since 2011.

The consequences of these accidents are often dire for individuals driving a passenger vehicle. 18-wheelers are large, heavy vehicles and your car cannot protect you from them. Even a minor accident can result in severe damages and injury.

Accidents involving 18-wheelers are also more complicated than other accidents. There are a number of parties involved in a commercial vehicle accident, and they make negotiations and trials more difficult.

If you were involved in a semi truck accident, a lawyer will handle dealing with all of the other parties to the lawsuit.

They’ll also work to establish whose negligence caused the accident–a key part of determining how much compensation you should be awarded.

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Examples of Negligence In An 18-Wheeler Crash

Proving negligence is key to ensuring that you’re compensated for injuries and property damage caused by a crash. Your personal injury attorney will work to prove the other driver, or the company, is responsible for the crash.

Reckless Or Impaired Driving

Reckless driving can include failure to follow the rules of the road or driving aggressively. Impaired driving is typically driving while under the influence, but commercial drivers also drive without sleep frequently.

Improperly Secured Cargo

Drivers and the company they work for are responsible for ensuring that the load they’re carrying has been properly secured. If your accident was caused by cargo falling from a vehicle, the driver or trucking company could be responsible.

Improperly Maintained Vehicle

Drivers are responsible for maintaining their vehicle and ensuring that it’s safe to drive every time they start the vehicle. If your accident was caused by a vehicle failure, the driver may be responsible for the accident.

Improper Hiring & Training Procedures

Trucking companies can be held responsible for accidents if their company policies led to the accident. If they hired unqualified drivers or encouraged their drivers to break traffic laws or drive while impaired by lack of sleep, they can be declared negligent.

And More

Negligence and liability is a key part of all personal injury cases, and your big rig accident attorney will work hard to establish responsibility for the accident. This responsibility forms the basis for your personal injury lawsuit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I hire a truck accident attorney?

If you were in an accident and weren’t injured, you may not need to hire a personal injury lawyer. You should at least consult with one, however. They’ll be able to help you determine negligence and let you know what to expect.

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney?

Hiring a personal injury lawyer costs you nothing out of pocket. Truck accident attorneys work on contingency, and all of their fees are taken from the final settlement or award. If they don’t win your case, you pay nothing.

What does a personal injury lawyer do?

A personal injury attorney will represent your interests in an injury claim. This includes:

When should I speak with a lawyer?

The earlier you speak with a lawyer, the better off you’ll be. After hiring a personal injury lawyer, they’ll handle all communications with the trucking and insurance companies, which saves you time and prevents you from accidentally hurting your case.

How long will my case take?

A personal injury case can take anywhere from months to years to settle. Generally, your lawyer will want you to have completed any medical procedures and physical therapy before the case ends. This gives them the most accurate picture of the compensation you deserve.

Should I accept a settlement or go to trial?

Your lawyer will discuss your options with you when the time is right. While a trial may sometimes delay your compensation, it may be the best option if the insurance or trucking company refuses to pay you the compensation you deserve.

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers In The Longview, TX Area

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