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The Grant & Flanery law firm is dedicated to helping the citizens of Longview, TX recover from injuries and accidents at the hands of others.

We’re board-certified personal injury lawyers serving Tyler, Longview, and the rest of East Texas. Our experienced team is here to help you, no matter what stage of recovery you or your loved one is at.

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Personal Injury Cases Grant & Flannery Accepts

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Personal Injury

Personal injury can cover a lot of different cases. If you were injured because of someone else’s negligence, you might be able to file one and get compensation. Grant & Flanery will help.

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Truck Accidents

When a commercial vehicle collides with a passenger car, the results can be devastating. If you were injured by a semi-truck, Grant & Flanery will help you get compensation for it.

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Auto Accidents

Car accidents are distressingly common in Texas, and an injury from an accident can lead to lifelong consequences. Let our team help you get justice and compensation for your accident.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorists often don’t see individuals on a motorcycle, and the consequences for the rider can include serious injuries. Grant & Flanery can help you get compensation for their negligence.

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Wrongful Death

If your parent or child was killed in an accident, the state of Texas allows you to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Grant & Flanery will fight to get justice for your loved one–and you.

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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian-involved accidents increase every year. Texas sidewalks aren’t safe, and if you were injured by a reckless driver, Grant & Flanery is here to help you with your case.


No matter the specific details of your legal issue, you should find competent and compassionate allies in making sense of and litigating your case. If you are in need of an ardent team of qualified and experienced legal representatives to assist you with your case, contact the Grant & Flanery Law firm today.


Darren Grant

Board-Certified In Personal Injury Trial Law

Darren Grant attended Sul Ross University in Alpine. After he graduated in 1994, he moved to Lubbock, where he took a job working with abused children & teens in a residential treatment facility.

It was here that his passion for helping others grew. He saw these children reclaim their voices in the legal system and began looking into a legal career.

He graduated from Texas Tech Law School in 1999 and soon moved to Tyler, TX, to represent East Texans.

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Matt Flanery

Board-Certified In Personal Injury Trial Law

Matt attended Texas A&M in College Station and graduated with a degree in political science. Shortly after, he enrolled in Texas Tech Law School and met his future legal partner Darren Grant.

In 2006, Matt joined Darren Grant and founded Grant & Flanery. Since then, he’s represented honest East Texans and helped them recover from injuries and accidents.

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Our Team

The team at Grant & Flanery shares a passion for helping people. When you hire us for your personal injury case, you do not only get experienced personal injury attorneys–our entire team is here to help.

Learn more about our team below!

  • Logan Spurger

    Logan Spurger

    Office Manager

  • Rachel Watson

    Rachel Watson

    Assistant Office Manager

  • Cathy Pino

    Cathy Pino

    Legal Assistant to Matt Flanery

  • Gail Moseley

    Gail Moseley

    Legal Assistant to Darren Grant

  • Casey Causey

    Casey Causey

    Junior Legal Assistant

  • Allison Spencer

    Allison Spencer

    Pre-Litigation Legal Assistant

  • Delia Campos

    Haylea Rudd

    Case Manager

  • Haylea Rudd

    Sandra Rojas

    Administrative Assistant

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